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Barry Robinson Center Fundraiser Benefits Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

Sincere thanks to The Barry Robinson Center in Norfolk, VA for their efforts in supporting our mission this past Thursday and Friday.  During their 2 day “Forward March” conference in Fayetteville, NC they held an hourly drawing where the winner could select one of the listed military family based charities which included Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.  Each charity chosen from the list receives $50 when chosen. Last word yesterday from Dr. Brooks was that we had been chosen several times and monies would be sent to our national office next month.
100% of the monies received will be allocated to our “Military Pet Assistance” (MPA) fund program.  For more information on MPA, please visit
The  MPA funds are primarily used in support of our Homeless Veterans’ beloved pets who need veterinarian care (including, but not limited to, being spayed/neutered, brought current on shots, Heartworm tested (negative results), and being micro-chipped, plus 6 months of  Heartworm/Flea/Tick meds) plus sometimes temporary boarding of the pet or pets while the appropriate Foster Coordination Liaison (FCL) volunteer can determine a potential foster home(s) for the pet  or pets and both parties are in agreement (pet owner comfortable leaving their pets with a specific foster home and the foster home feels comfortable foster the specific pet or  pets).  Thus far in 2014 we have disbursed $4,500 covering such items as temporary boarding, needed veterinarian care, and grooming related expenses.  The funds are disbursed directly to the service provider, no funds are  disbursed directly to  our clients.
The Barry Robinson Center has been in existence for 81 years and is a nonprofit children’s charitable foundation which operates a treatment center for children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders including children from military families.  Last year instead of giving out coffee mugs at their conferences they concentrated their efforts on raising money for military family support organizations.  As they began this year’s conference, Dr. Brooks came across our organization, spoke with the center’s director about us and after legal verification, Dr. Brooks added our organization to their list of charities.
We are extremely grateful to The Barry Robinson Center for their help and support.

Event: San Antonio Veteran Stand Down

Location: San Antonio, TX
Date: November 8, 2013


Volunteers representing Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet attended the San Antonio, TX Veteran Stand Down to help raise awareness for the organization’s new Warrior Angels program.

Besides getting word out about Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, the Warriors’ Angels -TX brochures and info about the program in TX as of 1/1/2014 was shared with those interested and info as to how they can help in raising the funds needed.

Thank you to the following volunteers for representing the organization!

  • Cherry J
  • Rachel B
  • Bobbi W
  • Robyn S w/service dog Brooks
  • Kay D w/service dog Deuce


Event: Rotary/United Way Community Event

Location: Ridgecrest, CA
Date: November 9, 2013

Vicki, our CA Foster Home Service Liaison (FHSL) attended a Rotary/United Way Community Event on behalf of the organization.  The event was for the citizens of Ridgecrest, CA who came to a Rotary/United Way Dinner and Fun Day. Over 100 booths were set up both inside and outside the Kerr McGee city center, the majority of them were local non-profits.

It was a good day for all and great exposure for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.




Event: Marine Wing Communications Squadron 38

On December 12, Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet attended a event in support of Marine Wing Communications Squadron 38. We had an information table set up inside the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park San Diego, CA. The venue was closed for this special event. There were nearly 900 Marines and their friends/family in attendance. We were able to speak with a great number of attendees around how our organization can support them during their upcoming deployment, as well as how the friends/family can support other Marine units deploying now or in the future by fostering.

We distributed many MSM flyers and general information brochures as well as dog bones with the “business cards” tied to them with ribbon. We also offered tootsie pops with info attached to the children or families without pets to bring the bone home to.  Many people were interested in learning more about the MVP Sanctuary and how they can make a donation.

All in all, I think this was a successful event and we looking forward to developing the relationships we have started with many of the FRO’s here at Miramar and Pendleton.

– Written by Lindsay Holland, California Outreach Liaison

Smith Trahern Mansion Showcases Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet’s Christmas Tree

UntitledAs the Christmas season begins Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet was asked to share in a special tradition in the Clarksville, TN area.  The Smith Trahern Mansion asked Southeast Regional Director, Shawna Michaud to participate in its’ Shakespearean Renaissance Festival by decorating a Christmas tree for the organization. The tree is featured as the centerpiece of the Animals of Shakespeare Children’s section.

The Christmas tree, featuring beautiful colors of the season and ornaments to showcase Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, will be available for viewing to residents of the Ft. Campbell, KY area in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  The tree features many ornaments along with yellow weave garland to remind visitors of the soldiers the organization serves. The tree is also decorated in a bright blue to represent the organization and share its’ mission.

“This tree is a great opportunity for our organization to reach out to both the military and civilian families in our area and let them know about our mission. We are honored to be a part of this special tradition,” says Southeast Region Director Shawna Michaud.

The Smith Trahern Mansion will be open for viewing of the exhibit December 3-6 and December 10-13.

– Written by Megan Powell, TN Community Outreach Liaison 

Event: Fredericksburg’s Gone To The Dogs, A Downtown Dog Fair

Group of Volunteers promoting Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet in Fredericksburg, VA.

Novartis Animal Health and TV host Mike Rowe Honor Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

The dirtiest guy on TV, Mike Rowe, is bringing flea problems and solutions to life through a multi-media educational campaign.

As part of the campaign, Novartis Animal Health will provide a donation to the Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet in support of their efforts to help care for pets of deployed military personnel.

Gatesville, TX, September 27, 2011 – Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is honored to be recognized by Novartis Animal Health, the maker of Sentinel® Flavor Tabs®. Novartis announced a program to educate pet owners about preventing and controlling flea problems. The program is launched at the peak of the flea season and is featuring the dirtiest guy on TV, Mike Rowe, and his best friend Chuck, a Burmese mountain dog, bringing flea problems and solutions to life through a series of unconventional and entertaining web videos.

The campaign is part of “The Dirty Truth about Fleas,” a Sentinel Flavor Tabs initiative to educate pet owners about the flea life cycle and the surprising ways that fleas can survive in homes and on pets.

Mike Rowe’s experience with all things dirty, including parasites and pests, makes him a good fit to educate pet owners about one of America’s biggest pest and home problems.

Novartis Animal Health US made an charitable contribution to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet as part of the launch of “The Dirty Truth about Fleas” campaign to support the work that Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is doing. The charity sponsorship was introduced at a live event on September 19, 2011, in New York City on the deck of the USS Intrepid.

For Rowe, the collaboration on behalf of Novartis for Sentinel is gratifying on a personal level. “I’ve been bitten by just about every parasite on the planet,” he said. “Bed bugs, lice, ticks, leeches…I even had a tape worm for a while. I’m happy to work on a fun, slightly unorthodox campaign that helps rid the world of blood-sucking parasites. I mean, when was the last time you saw a talking dog?”

Rowe adds, “When U.S. soldiers go ‘over there’ their pets stay ‘over here.’ Somebody’s gotta look after them. Guardian Angels make it possible.”

To see Mike and Chuck and learn more about the Dirty Truth about Fleas campaign, visit

About Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet:
Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is an ALL volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit military support organization supporting military service members, veterans and their beloved pets through their Foster Home and Military Pet Assistance programs aimed at reuniting the pet(s) and owners following deployment or an emergency hardship. The organization is also working on building their first Military, Veteran and Pet Sanctuary to provide a temporary shelter for pets until a long term foster home is found. For more information on providing a foster home, becoming a volunteer, or making a donation to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, please visit or


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