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Mission Accomplished

Mission accomplished – Texas


30 June 2018 – Krueger reunited with his dad after being in our “Pet Foster Home” program over the past eight months. For those who may not know, Krueger was attacked by other dogs during his foster term in April. He almost lost a paw due to an event with the neighbors’ furbabies when he placed his paw through a chain link fence. Luckily his paw was able to be repaired thanks to the wonderful care by Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists in Texas.

Welcome home to Krueger’s dad! Our sincere thanks and appreciation for his service, plus our sincere thanks to Krueger’s “Guardian Angels” (Larry and Carol) who went above and beyond in caring for Krueger. This is what “Guardian Angels for Solder’s Pet” is all about and WE couldn’t do what we do without everyone’s support.

God Bless and Angel Hugs, Linda D, CEO

Mission Accomplished: Dizzy and Zoey

Dizzy with crossed paws (left) and Zoey (right)

On 10 June 2015 Dizzy and Zoey (two of our foster furbabies in FL) were reunited with their Dad who had just returned from a 6 month deployment. Though we don’t have an actual picture of the reunion here is picture of Dizzy and Joey prior to going into their foster home. Our sincere appreciation and thanks to James W. for his service and sacrifices to our Country and glad we were able to help to ensure his furbabies were waiting at home for his return.

Sending our sincere thanks to the boys’ Guardian Angel Lori P. in providing a caring and safe home for them while James was gone. Lori your efforts are greatly appreciated by many in making a HUGE Difference in these lives.


Mission Accomplished: Peegoo

Peegoo was recently reunited with his owner.  Thank you to all who helped to make the reunion possible!


Mission Accomplished: Ninia

Ninia-1Reunited…and it feels so good!  After a long year apart, Ninia and her dad shared an exciting homecoming this past weekend in California.  Kim, Ninia’s foster mom, said Ninia was extremely happy to see her dad, “she kept barking at him as if she was saying, “where have you been?”  She also added, “This was the seventh dog we have fostered since volunteering with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and these reunions never get old.”

Thank you to Ninia’s dad for his service and to the foster family for their continued care and love for our soldier’s pets!







Happy Veteran’s Day

From everyone at Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, we would like to thank all of our former and current soldiers for their selfless service to our nation.   It is because of you that we are able to enjoy the freedoms that we do.




Thank you isn’t enough to express the gratitude we hold for our Veterans who have worn the uniform proudly and honorably to serve this great nation.

Mission Accomplished: Bear


Bear and his owner are reunited after being apart for 5 months.

Fostered in Massachusetts.


Mission Accomplished: Ranger

Editor’s Note: Ranger is the 5th dog this Foster Home has fostered for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and by far was the most unique reunion yet!


Ranger’s family returned to Florida after being PCS’d to Hawaii. The plan was for the family to have all of their belongings shipped to Florida except for their vehicle. Their car was to be shipped to Los Angeles where they would pick up the car and Ranger and drive back to Florida. However, due to a mix-up, the car was shipped to Florida.

Plan B: Fly Ranger back to Florida. However, due to pet travel requirements (particularly weather condition restrictions for snub nosed dogs) it was seemingly next to impossible to get Ranger home. Animals cannot fly when temperatures are above 85 degrees at any point in flight (take off, connection, landing). So we tried for a few weeks but with heat waves in Southern California, Texas and New Orleans it wasn’t going to happen. Now I know remember why it is so hard to see a Shuttle Launch … 🙂

Plan C: ROAD TRIP. It was time to get Ranger home so we decided we would meet Ranger’s family half way between So. California and Western Florida which meant San Antonio Texas!

So FOUR states, in THREE days, and TWO little pot belly pigs in the room next door to us at our pit stop at Motel 6 (who Ranger fell in love with) = ONE Mission Accomplished!

As you can see Ranger was happy to see his Mom! Great Weekend!

– Story is told by Kim, Ranger’s Foster Mom in California.


Mission Accomplished: Zeus

Is this love or what?! Today my one year journey with Zeus ended. A year of emergency doctor visits, middle of the night dog fights, numerous games of chase and a whole lot of love. It has been a wonderful experience, with a wonderful dog. But the best part of this was the love he showed his Dad. They never forget. They just always love. So, Mario and Zeus start their next journey to Japan, home for Zeus. Good luck.  – Lisa, Foster Mom

Mission Accomplished: Rico

Rico and His Family
Rico and His Family


Rico stayed with his Foster Home from March 2012 to April  2013.  This is the third time his foster family has been a foster home for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.   Thank you to his foster family for taking such wonderful care of our soldier’s pets!

His owner was married shortly before deployment and his new step kids didn’t get to spend anytime with Rico pre-deployment.  Apparently when they came to get Rico, the step kids didn’t realize that they were going to take Rico home with them. Don’t know who was happier – Rico or the kids!

Thank you to Rico’s Dad for his service and the foster family for opening their heart and home!

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