The sun was shining brightly on us when we got to the Petco store in Towne Square! So brightly, that we immediately took off as many clothes as was publicly decent! I was so afraid that I would freeze again today that I made sure to layer. Unlike the other Petco store, we were not under an overhang and the sun was shining on us all day! It felt so awesome after the day before.

Debbie Parker joined me again today and she is such wonderful company. We found out that we have many things in common besides our love of books and animals. Debbie does a YouTube Live event on Friday nights, 10 pm to 12 am, where she sells all sorts of lovely costume jewelry. She gave me an awesome puppy brooch that I will cherish and several very pretty stones to help hold down all of the brochures we have to give out. My info table never looked so nice!

It was a bit slower on Sunday, but the store was busy and one of the employees, Tina, was a wealth of knowledge about marketing and gave me some great ideas to try! We are going to try to stop back to that Petco on our return trip if we decide to go that way back home!

We met a lot of great people, gave out brochures, and made $110 in donations for the MPA fund. After we were finished at Petco, hubs and I joined Debbie & her hubby, Max, for dinner at Cheddars, where the food was as terrific as the company! The only bad part of the day was when Debbie accidentally smeared sunscreen in her eye, and it got irritated and stayed that way all day! I hope it is better by now!!