Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet volunteers work hard but seldom get compliments from those we serve. So imagine Monica’s surprise when she received a letter from someone who had applied to become a foster home for a military member in need of our help. Arliss Manson, the gentleman applying to become a foster home, sent an email to Monica gushing about her caring and the thorough way in which she conducted and interviewed one of his references. In the email Arliss said, “He could not stop talking about how thorough and caring you were when asking him about me and my abilities to foster a dog. He said you were so wonderful he could have talked to you for a much longer time.” Arliss went on to say he knew Monica probably had done this frequently but he suspected she never got any feedback or praise for her hard work. He felt so strongly about her kindness while interviewing his friend that he wanted to take the time to thank her. We all work hard and are professional and pleasant when making calls but how wonderful that someone took the time to say thank you for a job well done.