The Military Pet Assistance (MPA) Fund was developed and implemented in February 2008 to assist with emergency pet care related costs for pets fostered in our MVPFH program when we are unable to reach the legal pet owner and emergency pet care is needed due to an unforeseen emergency medical situation occurs.

In addition expenditures from this fund are used to ensure our homeless veterans’ pets that are fostered through the MVPFH Program (legal veteran pet owner is receiving a “hand up” via a VA medical center and/or Homeless Veteran Transition program) are altered, healthy, and current on shots prior to placement into one of our specific foster homes.  These expenses can include but are not limited to:

  1. temporary boarding (usually not exceeding 14 days);
  2. required veterinary care related to the need for the pet or pets to be spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, current on all required shots as deemed necessary by the veterinarian;
  3. have the pets Microchipped;
  4. cover costs for up to 6 months of heartworm/flea/tick meds, and
  5. food and treats where the veteran does not have the funds to cover this expense.

In addition, funds may be expended for these pets during the specific foster term who may need unforeseen veterinarian care.

To date the cost per pet averages $500 – $700.

Actual assistance via this fund is totally dependent on funds available at the time the expense is occurred and totally based on donations received via the general public during the year.

We have an URGENT need to Replenish the MPA Fund

gingerpicSo far this month we have spent over $1,200 dollars via our Military Pet Assistance (MPA) fund helping homeless veterans and their companion animals (for necessary veterinarian care and temporary pet boarding).

As of this 22 June we have below $800 in the fund with four open cases (AR, MA, and IN) with two potential needs possibly forthcoming from CO and MN. Therefore we need to raise a minimum of $3,000 between now and 30 June 2015 to handle these cases and additional cases expected over the next couple of weeks.
We have applications in for grants and a couple more being worked on, but those take time and no guarantee funding will be available although we have confirmed our program is eligible and were advised to submit the applications.
Through the MPA Fund, you can help a veteran’s Furbaby like Ginger (pictured), who is currently in boarding and she must be out before 1 July 2015.Though deployments are down to a certain degree, helping our veterans, especially the Homeless Veterans, the work is just beginning as the various agencies across the country helping these veterans are learning about our programs and services.

So how can I help support the MPA Fund?

Make a Donation

UnknownDonations made to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet (Fed Tax ID: 20-2229425) are tax deductible as defined under section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of the Internal Revenue Code and specific tax deductible related questions should be discussed with your personal tax advisor.Check/Money Order payable to: Guardian Angels For Soldier’s PetMemo Line: MPA FundMail Check/Money Order To:

Guardian Angels For Soldier’s Pet
9725 FM 1783
Gatesville, TX 76528-4739

You will receive a numbered receipt recognizing your donation to our organization. If you wish to receive ongoing updates about us, please include your email address. Your monetary donation is tax deductible to the full extent as allowed by law. Please contact your tax advisor.

Other ways to donate to the MPA Fund:

  1. PayPal using email:
  2. Click on the first “Donate Button” on our website (all contributions coming in between now and 6/30/15 will be allocated to the MPA fund program).

Share with a Friend

UnknownWe understand that not everyone is in a place where they can make a donation, but you can help spread the word to someone who might be able to help.

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About Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet

 Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet is a National all-volunteer 501(c)3 Military and Veteran Support Organization assisting active duty service members, wounded warriors, veterans, and their beloved companion animals or assistance service canines through various assistance programs. We have four programs: 1) Military, Veteran, and Pet Foster Home Program 2) Military Pet Assistance Fund 3) Warriors’ Angels Program (TX Only) and 4) MVP Sanctuary (TX Only).