My Labradoodle, Chandler, has been such a positive influence in my life. He has improved my way of living in so many ways. I will try to elaborate on a few. Just going through training Dec2014-5with Chandler gives us a bond like no other. I was in the United States Army/Infantry – August 1, 2012 we ran over a 300 pound or bigger IED in Afghanistan which killed three and left two of us severely wounded. That day changed my whole way of life. I’m always looking over my shoulder, whether I mean to or not. With Chandler now in my life I focus on him and don’t even think about what is possibly coming around the corner or through the door. If I do get into an uncomfortable situation Chandler will take his head and nudge my leg, look up at me and then sits and watches my back. This takes my own mind off of the situation. He’s given me a new sense of responsibility. The only thing that comes close to that bond I share with Chandler was the one I had with my squad when I was down range. It is two completely separate bonds, but the closest I felt to it since Mother’s Day 2012 when I left on my deployment. It is almost as if Chandler can read my thoughts. Due to the explosion I had an open compound Tib fib fracture. Since working with Chandler and the security he brings, I have been able to start walking without a cane. I take him for long walks longer and longer each time. Not only has he helped me overcome some of my mental obstacles, he is helping with my physical obstacles as well. Chandler is a gift straight from God. Chandler and I are just starting our journey together and our bond is already so strong. I am not good at writing or speaking, but everything I said come straight from the heart.

I would like to sincerely show my gratitude to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and their Warriors’ Angels program for allowing me the chance to have a little of what I had before my injuries, my deployment, and my service.

Thank you Ms. Cherie and all those involved!

Kevin W


This article is the official interview with the 2nd Warriors’ Angels San Antonio Team known as the “Wear Team” (Kevin W & Chandler).