Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, like many other “all volunteer” 501c3 nonprofit organizations, is only able to operate and accomplish its mission due to the generosity, time, and energy provided by those who wish to make a difference in our society.  All of our volunteers are deeply appreciated and are critical in the daily operations of our organization.

A very happy anniversary to these volunteers celebrating an anniversary during the second quarter of 2014:

1 year of Service
Valerie D., NH Foster Home Interviewer

2 years of Service
Sandra N., WI Foster Coordination Liaison (May 12)

3 years of Service
Eileen C., NY Community Outreach Liaison (May 31)

5 years of Service
Clodagh M., WI Direc­tor (May 22)

8 years of Service
Sally W., Vice President (June 21)

THANK YOU for everything you do!  We truly appreciate your dedication and hard work in helping our soldiers and their beloved pets.