Victoria Scott serves as our Northeastern Regional Director as well as a Member of the Board of Director’s.  She always going above and beyond, accepts additional responsibilities, provides excellent customer service to our clients and Foster Homes plus maintains communication with state level volunteers within her region, provides follow-up on any cases where there may be an issue, maintains open communications with the National office, follows and adheres to the organization’s official policies and processes, and always submits the Volunteer Service Hours and Monthly Activity Reports in a timely manner. She became a volunteer with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet on December 23, 2009 as the National Grant Writer/Researcher.

When as why she does it, she responded:

“Much of my professional and personal life has involved a natural commitment to community service.  Volunteering with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet provides an opportunity for me to give back to those in need, be they humans or creatures, and to those who put their lives on the line.  I have always been a strong supporter of the military and while perusing volunteer opportunities for a chance to work with animals, I came across Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.  I was hooked.   Soldiers and pets.  Pets and soldiers.  What could be better!  

Every single foster home placement fills me with tremendous respect and admiration for those who invite the beloved pet of a military service member into their home.  I truly believe community service and volunteerism are an investment in our future and the people who live in it.  Working with volunteers across the country provides an opportunity to interact with interesting and caring people I would never have met under any other circumstance.  

Please respect and support our military and always be kind to animals.  People too!”

Thank you Victoria for your continued support, dedication and hard work on behalf of Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet!