Cherie Boudreaux serves as our National Treasurer, Southern Regional Director (including TX Director and the Warriors’ Angels Liaison for San Antonio TX.  She goes above and beyond holding multiple positions.  In September 2013 she stepped up to fill the role of Warriors’ Angels program Liaison assisting the CEO in establishing the program in and around the San Antonio, TX area. She became volunteer with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet as the TX Foster Coordination Liaison on September 21, 2011.

When asked why she does what she does, she replied:

I joined Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet because the organization filled a need no one else had thought of at that time. The fact that I get to assist Veterans facing housing issues strikes home for me because my step-father is a Vietnam Veteran and was homeless for a period of time and had to go through the housing process. It makes me feel like I’m saying thank you in some way every time I am able to help one of our clients.”

Thank you Cherie for all that you do.  You serve the organization in so many ways and are a joy to work with!