Volunteers at Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet are the backbone of our organization.  We would not be here without the Foster Homes who open their homes to caring for a soldier’s pet… but it is our State, Regional and National Support Teams who make the organization run.  They dedicate hours of their time each month to make phone calls, set up appointments, file paperwork, and go out into the community to spread the word about what we do.   National Volunteer Recognition Week is April 6-13 and during this time we are going to highlight seven individuals who have gone above and beyond in 2013 for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.   It is our way of shinning the spotlight on their achievements, actions and accomplishments.   To start things off, let us tell you about Heather O’Brien…

Heather O’Brien is the organization’s Central and Northwest Regional Directors.  She always goes above and beyond, accepts additional responsibilities, provides excellent customer service to our clients and Foster Homes plus maintains communication with state level volunteers within her two regions (Central and NW).  She follow-ups on any cases where there may be an issue, maintains open communications with the National office, follows and adheres to the organization’s official policies and processes, and always submits the Volunteer Service Hours and Monthly Activity Reports in a timely manner. She has been a state level volunteer a few years ago, left for personal reasons and then returned as a volunteer with Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet as the IA Foster Coordination Liaison on August 16, 2012 and then last year moved up to Regional Director.

We asked Heather, why she decided to volunteer with the organization, and this is what she said:

I joined the organization because of my love for animals and my respect for the military instilled in me by my father who volunteered for two deployments to Vietnam during the Vietnam War with the Marines as a radioman. The organization has allowed me to put these two items together to help the military and their pets.”

Thank you Heather for your time, dedication, continued efforts and passion towards the organization.  You are a wonderful team member and we thank you for all that you do.