Hello Pitbull and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog fans! I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from our little pack, but here we are again. Deycon, a Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet graduate, now has a little – and I use that term lightly –  sister, Dakota. Though they are no longer an official part of our military foster home care, they are living with me for a while and for the same reasons I first met them: Mom and Dad are Army soldiers and need a place for their treasured pups to stay. Gunner, once a foster pup, is now a permanent part of our pack, just as adventurous as ever and also a graduate. Although they are technically no longer a part of the program, Deycon and Dakota are here because of my connection to this wonderful organization.This episode is from last summer, and written from Deycon’s point of view….

You know…. no matter how hard we try, Eileen just won’t learn.It’s been very hot outside so when she started filling the kiddie pool (even though she said something about a bath) we took it as the invitation it obviously was. I mean she MUST have meant it to be a water park day, right?  Gunner, Bear, Dakota and I all sat by the deck doors, eagerly waiting for her to open them and let the fun begin!! Problem is, she was only letting one of us out at a time!! We huddled up and decided to change the agenda! Good thing Bear had taught Dakota, the hyperactive puppy, how to open the door or we never would have been able to enjoy the activities together.

We plowed down the deck stairs and were all romping through the water making our favorite type of mud when Eileen swooped in and captured Bear!! She tied him to the deck and started burying him in bubbles!! We were a bit confused at first, but realized we just HAD to break him free.Dakota distracted Eileen by knocking her down…I mean…gently nudging her into a sitting position in the mud. Then Gunner and I came at her from two different sides and made a few good splashes through the pool. I did my famous Deycon pounce right by her head and, figuring she got the message, we retreated. It didn’t work. She still had Bear! He was jumping around trying to get free and come play with us, but she had him tied real tight!

It looked like she was going to win the battle…. almost. She had my foster brother lathered up with that girly shampoo while we regrouped. Kudos to Bear for taking one for the team. We must have taken too long with our battle strategy because she got hold of the hose as we were trying another sneak attack.

Pups Post Bath
Pups Post Bath

Oh no!!! She shot Gunner with the hose and then turned it on Dakota. I was too fast and made it to the back fence. Though wet and pretty worked up, Gunner managed to come at her again. She recovered quickly, aimed, and got him right in the nose! Thank goodness Dakota came in from the east and slowed the action but she was assaulted with the stream of wet stuff. Good little sister that she is, she stood firm for as long as she could. At the same time, my buddy Bear was doing the best he could to get free and take her attention off of us, but she still had him shackled to the deck. Finally I came in from the north and valiantly jumped at her, sacrificing myself for my friends. She shot me the worst! Soaked and partially sudsy, I had to pull back. OH THE SHAME OF IT!! Then just as it looked darkest, Dakota grabbed the hose and ran!! Good girl!! That was the last straw for Eileen. It took awhile and three or four battle volleys, but she finally raised the white flag and retreated! She threw her hands up in the air, tossed the foul hose off the deck, released Bear and left us alone.

She’s pretty steamed but, hey, the deck got cleaned again. We had a great time AND we’re all cooled off. You’d think by now she would have learned that she can’t defeat good team work!!

All in all, it was a pretty good day.

For those of you keeping score in the “Eileen vs the Dogs’ Bath War”….Eileen – ½ – Pups – 3.5

– Written by Eileen, Former Foster Mom in New York