Editor’s Note: Ranger is the 5th dog this Foster Home has fostered for Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and by far was the most unique reunion yet!


Ranger’s family returned to Florida after being PCS’d to Hawaii. The plan was for the family to have all of their belongings shipped to Florida except for their vehicle. Their car was to be shipped to Los Angeles where they would pick up the car and Ranger and drive back to Florida. However, due to a mix-up, the car was shipped to Florida.

Plan B: Fly Ranger back to Florida. However, due to pet travel requirements (particularly weather condition restrictions for snub nosed dogs) it was seemingly next to impossible to get Ranger home. Animals cannot fly when temperatures are above 85 degrees at any point in flight (take off, connection, landing). So we tried for a few weeks but with heat waves in Southern California, Texas and New Orleans it wasn’t going to happen. Now I know remember why it is so hard to see a Shuttle Launch … 🙂

Plan C: ROAD TRIP. It was time to get Ranger home so we decided we would meet Ranger’s family half way between So. California and Western Florida which meant San Antonio Texas!

So FOUR states, in THREE days, and TWO little pot belly pigs in the room next door to us at our pit stop at Motel 6 (who Ranger fell in love with) = ONE Mission Accomplished!

As you can see Ranger was happy to see his Mom! Great Weekend!

– Story is told by Kim, Ranger’s Foster Mom in California.