This week the organization received a fantastic surprise in the mail!   An MSM from Virginia sent us a framed flag flown over Afghanistan on 11 September 2011.  We fostered this MSM’s pup while he was deployed. We are touched and honored to received this gift and look forward to hanging it in the future MVP Sanctuary for all to see.
Operation Enduring Freedom
CJSOTF – AfghanistanThis certifies that the accompanying United States flag was flown over the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force – Afghanistan Fallen Comrade Memorial, Camp Vance Compound, Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan during
Operation ENDURING FREEDOM In Honor of
Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet
11 September 2011The United States flag flown over Afghanistan symbolizes the resilience and bravery of the United States Forces to continue to execute the Global War on Terrorism and bring freedom to oppressed nations.
R. Patrick Meffert
Mark C. Schwartz
CJSOTF-A, Commanding