Bumble4-12-13-4We need your help – Yesterday afternoon one of our veteran’s beloved pet in one our foster homes was attacked in the back yard by a pack of coyotes’.  Bumble was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic in Parker, CO for evaluation and treatment.  At first it appeared the injuries were so severe, her ability to survive during the night was not good.  After stabilizer her and taking need x-rays it was determined she may have a chance to survive and treatment was started. This morning it was confirmed that Bumble has a good chance of surviving.  She is receiving appropriate IVs, pain meds, wounds were sutured and she appears to be on the road to recovery as her care continues and she is carefully watched.  We are hoping to move her from the clinic to the foster’s home where she will continue to get “in-home” veterinarian care and help from her Guardian Angels.

Due to this unforeseen accident, Bumble’s vet care expenses at this point is anticipated to be around $4800 between last night and over at least the next week.  In order to cover these expenses and not totally depleting Military Pet Assistance (MPA) fund for helping other veterans’ pets currently in our foster homes and others needing our assistance we need everyone’s help not only in contributing but sharing  this info with your  friends, co-workers, and family members so they may assist.

At minimum over the next 3-4 days we need to raise $3000 for the emergency care clinic and the remaining $1800 for the costs to continue her treatment and recovery.

At this point after paying $1,000 from our MPA fund the available funds to help other beloved pets in our foster homes currently the remaining balance is $1425 and since the pets we have covered over the past 2.5 years the expense per pet averages $400 – $500, which includes vet care, shots, and altering, in helping our homeless veterans receiving a “hand up” via various Homeless Veteran Transition programs.

If you or others can contribute you may do so as follows:

1.)   Online via PayPal please put “HELPING BUMBLE” in the Note/Memo line.

2.)   Via check/money order (put HELPING BUMBLE in Memo line) mail to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, ATTN: MPA-Bumble, 9725 FM 1783, Gatesville, TX 76528-4739.

This is the first time since the MPA  fund was started in 2007 we have needed issue a  “donor plea” asking  those interested parties to financially assist  in a situation like this.

We realize times are rough, but every $25, $50, $100 or another amount will help Bumble and help us to help other wounded/homeless veterans care for their pets.

Update as of Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bumble has been moved from the vet emergency care clinic to the foster home under the care of their family veterinarian. Still on IVs for a few days and needs to be watched carefully. She is one lucky little lady after looking at the pics of her injuries and info provided by the initially attending veterinarian.

Though it appears she is over the critical part (made it through the last 24 hours but still a way to go, but she seems to be a strong little one and God was watching over her. Our sincere thanks to Bumble’s “Guardian Angels” (foster home), the Animal Emergency & Speciality Center (Stacy and Dr Dolby), and Dr Fry. Please keep your prayers going for Bumble and though she is with the foster home, she still needs to be watched over.

Many thanks to those who have been able to contribute thus far.

Angel HUGS to all from Bumble’s owner and all of us at Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.

Update as of Tuesday, April 16, 2013

So far and Bumble is doing well. Of our goal to raise $4800 between Friday evening and this evening, we have received $1635 with $3165 still to go. Donations received thus far does not cover checks that are being mailed to our National office.

On behalf of Bumble and her “Dad” sending our sincere thanks to everyone who has been able to contribute so far. Based on the monies received thus far we have been able to pay the balance owed to the emergency vet center for Bumble’s initial treatment (evening of 4/11 through afternoon 4/12/13). We ask that you keep helping by letting others know of this need and we will provide more pictures after the swelling has gone down more and she isn’t as tired from standing for more than a few minutes.

Again many thanks for being here for Bumble, her Dad, and her Guardian Angels.

Update as of Tuesday, April 25, 2013

The generosity of our supporters has been fantastic!  Our sincere thanks and appreciation to those who were able to contribute in helping to cover Bumble’s veterinary care. Bumble is recovering slowly but steadily and doing good.

As of April 25, 2013 we reached our goal and raised $4,807.  Thank you!