All volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit military and veteran service organization cares for military and veterans’ companion pets.

Gatesville, TX, January 17, 2013 – In continuning with the development of the new Regional Director model the organization has previously announced, we are pleased to announce that Courtney Hilborn has accepted the role of Northwest Regional Director.  Initially the states assigned to the Northwest region are California, Oregon, and Washington . As needed or defined additional states will be added to the Northwest Region.

Courtney’s role as Northwest Regional Director is to act as liaison between the states in the region and our National office in Texas. In addition where we currently do not have a coordination volunteer covering such states, she will act as the coordination volunteer until we have a coordination covering the state in the region.

We greatly appreciate Courtney being able to accept the Northwest Regional Director role as we continue to streamline things to assist our active duty military service members, wounded warriors, and veterans in an efficient, timely, and professional manner.

Our Regional Directors, State Directors, and our Foster Coordination Liaisons are the backbone of our organization as they are the ones on the front lines as representatives of the organization with our clients, their pets, volunteers who have registered with us as potential foster homes, and volunteers who are fostering (Guardian Angels) specific beloved pets so the pets can be reunited with their owner following a deployment or medical/homeless related hardship situation.

Even though it seems deployments related to combat missions are winding down, there are and always will be deployments related to peace-keeping and humanitarian missions, so we will still be assisting in those deployments, plus to be there for those enrolled with the “Warrior Transition Unit/BN (WTU or WTB) military groups involved with medial related transitioning back to the civilian world and our homeless veterans getting the hand up they need via the official “Homeless Transition Programs” so their beloved pets can be reunited with them following completion of the above programs.

About Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet©:
ALL volunteer 501c3 nonprofit “Military & Veterans Service Organization” (MVSO) supporting our active duty Military, Wounded Warriors, homeless Veterans, and their beloved Pets to ensure the pets are reunited with their owners following a deployment related to a combat or peace-keeping or humanitarian mission or unforeseen medical and/or homeless hardship situation through various programs, services, and capital projects. For more information about who we are, our programs/projects, and ways to help, visit

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