Jasper and Holly (MSM)

Wow!   What a morning!  I could tell something was up around the house.  Carol and Mr. John were getting ready for something, I just didn’t realize what.  We had some visitors from the newspaper come to the house and I was still sniffing and meeting them when all of a sudden Carol took me out in the yard, holding me by my collar.  The next thing I know Mr. John comes walking around the garage with a lady and when she called my name, I knew it was my mom, Holly.  She finally came back!  I got so excited!!!!  I jumped and kissed and ran circles in the yard.  It was a really happy day for me.  After many jumps, kisses, smiles, laughs and posing for pictures, we all went inside.  The newspaper lady talked to Carol and my mom for a few minutes and then I finally had my two moms and Mr. John all to myself.  Carol says the local paper is going to write a story about me and Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet.  We went out to the oak tree and took down the yellow ribbon.  Carol wanted to give it to my mom as a souvenir. Then all my people finally relaxed and things settled down for awhile. They were just talking and laughing, looking at pictures and eating and talking some more.  I started to get sleepy and wanted to take a nap in the sun. But I stayed close to mom’s feet. I didn’t want her to go away again.  After a nice visit, everyone started gathering up all my toys and bowls, and my blankets and my bed.  I mean all my stuff.  I guess that means I won’t be living with Carol and Mr. John anymore.  I’m going home

Jasper, Holly (MSM) and Carol (Foster Mom)

with my mom! Mom told Carol and Mr. John that we could all get together and visit soon.  I sure hope so, because I would love to come back and see them whenever I can.  I sure had fun living with Carol and Mr. John but I’m sooooooo happy my mom came back for me.  I jumped right in the car and it’s off to a new adventure with my mom.

Love to all my Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet friends and love to Carol and Mr. John.

– Jasper, is was fostered in Indiana.  He was reunited with his MSM, Holly on August 1, 2012.
To view the video of Jasper’s Reunion, click here