Wishing everyone a very Happy 4th of July!!   My mom is still serving our country and I know she would be so happy if she could be here to see the fireworks, watch the parade, and have a fun picnic with her family and friends.  But the brave people who serve overseas for our military don’t always get home for the holidays.   I do think my mom will be coming home sometime soon. While my mom is away, I am lucky to be a Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet foster dog. My foster mom, Carol, said I should get one more regular blog written and then I will save my very last blog for the story of my reunion with mom.  Oh, I can hardly wait!  I’m starting my happy dog dance just thinking about it.

It sure has been hot around here lately.  We still get good long morning walks in before the sun gets very hot, but sometimes, it’s so hot later, that we don’t get an evening walk. I do have a little swimming pool to play in, but it’s more fun when one of the grandkids is here to play with me in the water. Sometimes, Mr. John just splashes the water on me.  Carol has been using the hose to water all of her special plants because it has not rained in weeks.  If I get in the way of the hose, I get sprinkled and that sure feels good.  I’m still chasing squirrels and chipmunks in the yard whenever I get a chance.  In my last blog I told you how the raccoons got Mrs. Bluebird in her house!  Well, Mr. Bluebird found another lady bird and we had a second round bluebird eggs and this time the eggs have hatched! Mr. and Mrs. BB are busy feeding the babies until they are big enough to fly away, so Carol makes sure that I give them space.

My most exciting adventure in the last few weeks, was getting to climb up in the Bedford Fire Department Fire Truck.  The Fire Truck was at the library for a special fun day.  People (and dogs) were welcome to tour the truck and talk to the firemen.  I had a great time wondering around and letting both big and little people pet me.  The Fire Captain even wanted to meet me and see me get on his truck.  I was hoping they would have a fire dog, like me, and we could get our picture taken together.  But it turns out they don’t have a fire dog. That’s when Mr. John tried to get me a job.  The Capt. said they don’t have the budget for a fire dog, whatever that means.   The Police Department was at the library, too, with their DARE car.  I got my picture taken by the car and then Mr. John asked the police officer if they were hiring K-9s.  I don’t know why Mr. John was trying so hard to find me a job.  He doesn’t have a job, why should I?

I hope you all have fun with picnics, parades and swimming fun this 4th of July. Maybe you’ll even see some fireworks!  Take time to remember all the service men and women, like my mom, who protect all of us.  I’m wearing my flag bandana to say “Happy Birthday, America!!”

Until next time…Happy Tails to you!

– Jasper, is currently fostered in Indiana