Hello, everyone!  It’s time for another Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet blog.  So much has happened since my last story.  With the weather being so warm, I spend a lot of time outdoors with my foster mom and dad, Carol and Mr. John.  Having so much fun makes the days and weeks go by faster and faster.  I know it won’t be that much longer until my mom comes home, at least, that’s what Carol tells me.

Since my last story, I’ve been on several new adventures.  One is Hoosier Doggie Daycare!  Carol found this place to take me to visit during the day, where there are lots of other dogs to play with, and I mean all kinds of dogs! There are big ones, little ones, slow ones, fast ones, even puppies and old dogs.  Todd and Amy are the pack leaders and they helped me join the pack.  The first time I went there, it was a practice day.  I had to show them I could get along. So I met the dogs one at a time, until I got used to the whole pack.  The big dogs play in one yard and the little dogs are in a different yard.  I got to meet both the big and the little dogs. Well, I was awfully excited, since I don’t get to play with any other dogs at my foster home.  I did have to learn some new manners, though.  Todd said it’s not nice to hump on other dogs. BOL! So, I’m learning not to do that.  On hot days we have a little swimming pool to play in. The water is fun and it keeps you cool, but there’s really not enough room for us all to be in the pool at once, so we have to take turns. I’ve been to doggie daycare four times and now I know exactly where I am when Carol pulls in the parking lot.  It’s fun to be around other dogs, but I sure am “dog tired” when Carol brings me home.  I usually fall asleep in the car on the way home and then go to bed early.

Carol doesn’t like it when I play in the dirt, but she’s been playing in the dirt around her house almost every day.  And when she doesn’t play in the dirt, she is usually spraying water from the hose onto the dirt.  She plants flowers and other green things and she doesn’t want me walking in her gardens. Mr. John put a fence around her garden, so it keeps me and the deer out. Carol feeds the birds, and Mr. John put up houses for the birds to live in.  They told me to stay away from one of the birdhouses on a pole.  I guess it was special because it was for BLUEbirds.  They were very happy when Mr. Bluebird got a girlfriend. Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird made a nest in the house and then she laid some eggs.  They kept calling me away from the house, so I wouldn’t scare them.  It was like there was a big “DO NOT DISTURB” sign out.  Well, I left them alone alright, but I can’t say the same for Mr. Raccoon. The other night there was quite a ruckus about 2 am and when the sun came up that morning, Mr. John found out that a Mr. Raccoon had managed to climb the pole, reach in the box and snatch momma bluebird.  Nothing left but feathers.  Believe me, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Well, I’m just glad I wasn’t the one who ate the bluebird, because both Carol and Mr. John were pretty upset.  I think Mr. John is planning to find a way to trap that old raccoon.  I think he just likes to hunt all kinds of critters.  And that is one thing we have in common – hunting critters!

Most of my adventures have been nothing but FUN, but I do have to confess, I got myself in a little trouble recently.  Mr. John and Carol have a VERY, VERY big yard, but none of it has a fence, so they want me to stay on the grassy parts.  Sometimes the woods look like fun and if I see a squirrel, I want to chase him.  Well, the other day, I was just too excited chasing a critter, that when Carol called me back, I didn’t stop running.  I ended up in the neighbor’s yard and they brought me back home, so Carol said I was GROUNDED.  Luckily that didn’t last too long.  I’m trying to behave, but mostly I think Carol has learned not to trust me so much.

OK, so, I saved the best for last. Now I just have to tell you about my VERY BEST adventure yet.  We went boating and fishing on a really big lake!!  You know I like to go just about anywhere, but Carol and Mr. John weren’t sure how I would like being on a boat out in the middle of a lake, but they said I should try it, at least once, and I’m sure glad I did!  I think what worried them the most was that I might jump out of the boat.  The water in that big lake is still pretty cold and I don’t think they wanted to jump in after me. BOL!  Well, I wasn’t afraid of the boat or the water.  I jumped aboard at the dock and it didn’t bother me at all when Mr. John started the engine.  Noises don’t scare me.  We started out going pretty slow but after awhile, Mr. John was driving faster and it was just like sticking your head out the car window.  The wind was blowing in your face and you could smell all kinds of good smells in the air. I loved it! I was on a leash and Carol held onto it, to be sure I didn’t do anything stupid. But it didn’t take long for me to prove to them that I was going to be a good boat dog! Mr. John even let me see what it was like to drive the boat.  I paced around the boat from port to starboard and bow to stern, looking out at the water and sniffing the air. We saw some turtles and a big bluebird that Carol called a heron. When we came close to the shore Mr. John slowed the boat down almost to a stop.  He got this long stick he stored in the front of the boat and he started throwing a string in the water.  I was fascinated. I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but it didn’t take me long to find out.  He was catching fish!  Man, oh, man, was that cool.  He would bring the string back and there would be a little fish hooked on it. Mr. John showed them to me and let me smell them.  Critters!!  There were critters in all that water!   Now, you have my attention!!  Since the fish he caught were pretty little, he kept taking them off the hook and throwing them back in the water. I really wanted him to throw one to me or find a way to chase them in the water.  Mr. John did drop one fish in the boat and it flopped around, I rushed for it and was able to pick it up in my mouth.  Carol screamed, “NO, NO, leave it, Jasper,” so I dropped it and she picked it up and threw it in the water.  I wish she would have let me play with it.  Now I know why Mr. John likes to go fishing.  It was so much fun; I hope he takes me out on the boat again.  I love fishing!

I guess that’s it for now.  I’m not sure when my mom will be back, but Carol says I will probably have time for a couple more blogs before we are reunited. So stay tuned.

Happy Tails until next time!

– Jasper, is currently fostered in Indiana