Howdy friends!  My tail is waggin’ and I have lots of stories to tell you about my life as a foster dog with Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet since my last entry.

Since I’ve settled in my foster home with Carol and Mr. John about 4 months ago, we have gotten into a family routine.  Most of our days are pretty predictable.  I get good long walks with Carol (morning and evening) and some squirrel chasing time in the yard, a sneak peak at a cat or two and lots of treats.  I have my own room to sleep in at night and I let Carol use it in the daytime to get on the computer.  Sometimes when she’s “working” I’d rather we just play, so to get her attention, I bring her my toys and lay them in her lap.  First I bring my rope toy, then my ball, and if I can find it, my Nylabone chew toy.  That chew toy is heavy and makes a lot of noise when I drop it on the hardwood floor.  If that doesn’t work I put my front paws on her lap and lay my chin on the keyboard.  Now that gets her attention, because it messes up her typing.  If she pushes me away and keeps typing then I put my paws on the keyboard and start my own typing.  Then finally Carol will either stop and play with me or take me outside. There’s only been a couple times when she sent me to my bed to wait.

Carol and Mr. John know I am a Dalmatian, but I think sometimes my behavior surprises them.  I love to run circles in the yard, like a Greyhound on a race track.  I love to hunt and track all kinds of critters, like a beagle.  I think I would love to be a hunting dog, a bloodhound, or bird dog.  I have my pointer pose perfected and I can hold still for a long time.  Carol and Mr. John let me do all kinds of different things to keep all the dogs inside of me entertained. The beagle in me was glad I got to go on the egg hunt with the grandkids over Easter.  Now that’s a good story.

Have you ever heard the story of Goldilocks?  Carol reads that story to Becca sometimes.  Well, I felt like the story of the egg hunt was like the Goldilocks story and I was Goldilocks!!  First, let me tell you about the grandkids.  Jake is the oldest and biggest, next is Wes and Becca is the youngest, she’s three.  When the egg hunt started, I was ready to go and use my nose to find eggs.  I started out with Jake, but he was just way too fast.  He rushed by and left me in the dust.  I could tell little Becca needed some help, so I went to see what I could do.  Well, she was just too slow, so I left her with Mr. John and her momma and then I went to find Wes.  Well, finally it was just right.  Wes and I were the perfect team.  Not too fast and not too slow.  Wes followed right with me and picked up all the eggs I could sniff out.  He was just right!!  Boy was that fun.  Wes gave me lots of doggie treats for helping.

My latest adventure with Carol and Mr. John was to see if I really had what it takes to be a fire dog.  You know how you always see Dalmatians sitting at the fire station or riding on one of those big red trucks?  Well, that’s what I was expecting when Carol said, “Let’s go see if you can be a fire dog!”  Turns out she had a completely different idea.  We went to a State Forest nearby and started out walking a trail.  I love trails in the woods.  We have hiked before and it’s always fun.  After a short bit of hiking, we came to a big tower and Carol said, “Let’s go see if you can spot any fires from the fire tower!”  She had me on my leash and started up some stairs.  Well, I followed right along.  Up, up, up we went.  The stairs were the kind where you can see right through them when you are going up.  It didn’t bother me much at first, because you would go up about 7 or 8 steps and then there was a landing you could walk around.  Then it was up, up, up some more steps.  I started looking over the railing and figured out we were getting up higher and higher.  I don’t think I’ve ever been that high off the ground.  I could look right in the tree branches.  I realized I was up in squirrel country.  This is where they went to get away from me!!!  After awhile the steps got smaller and the wind started blowing.  I wasn’t sure I really wanted to go up any more, but Carol kept urging me up.  Mr. John was way up ahead of us and I heard him calling me.

The wind was blowing so hard Carol just stopped on one of the platforms and waited with me for it to stop.  We finally got to the top where Mr. John was waiting and he gave me an “Atta boy!” for conquering the tower.  There was a room up top with windows all around.  At home Carol doesn’t like me to put my feet up on the window, but she called me up so I could see out.  Boy, oh boy, we were above the trees now.  I could see for miles and miles.  Carol asked me if I could see any Fires anywhere.  I didn’t even see smoke!

As much of an adventure as it was to get up, I have to say that it was nothing compared to coming down.  Mr. John went down first and left me with Carol.  She had a hard time getting me to make that first step down off the platform.  I considered just staying at the top FOREVER.  Carol told me once I got started it would be OK.  I think for a minute she thought she was going to have to carry me down.  Now that would have been an accident waiting to happen. Could you just see Carol holding a 50 lbs Dalmatian in her arms, lose her footing and slide down the stairs on her backside?  So, I told myself I could do it and down we went.  Down, down, down, down, down, step after step after step. I liked to stop on the platforms, but Carol kept urging me down.  When we made it back on solid ground, Carol and Mr. John said I did an awesome job and they were proud of me!!  I guess I am a fire dog after all.

I’m having fun with Carol and Mr. John but I do miss my mom.  Carol says we don’t know for sure when she will be home, butwe can start looking forward to a happy reunion.  Now that the weather is warmer and the days are longer, Carol and I have added a new routine to our day.  First thing in the morning when I go outside, Carol and I walk the flag out to the stand at the end of the driveway and every night before I go to bed, we bring the flag back inside.   Behind the flag on a big tree is a giant yellow ribbon.  Carol says we put it there to remember my momma and that it will stay there until she comes home to get me.  I like putting up the flag and looking at momma’s yellow ribbon.  I love you mom and I am so very proud of you.  Stay Safe!

Happy Tails, until next time!

– Jasper, is currently fostered in Indiana
What was your favorite part of Jasper’s adventure??