A big “Ruff, Ruff” bark out to all my new friends!   I can hardly believe how many new people and pets, I have met online over the last two months.  Yes, it’s already been two months in my new foster home. Time flies when you’re having fun!!! But I have had to make some adjustment here in my new home, so I thought I’d blog about some of the lessons I’ve learned so far.

Lesson #1  You can’t chase cats in the house! I slipped up on this one the first time I met the two cats living here.  I saw the fat one bounding up the stairs and I took off after her.  Not sure what I would have done if I had caught her, but she sure smelled interesting, and aren’t you supposed to chase little critters that run from you?  Well, since then, I’ve learned you have to sit calmly on the couch and the cats might come down from the top of the fridge or wherever they are hiding just to check things out.  But you better not go after them or you end up in doggy jail (behind the baby gate)!

Lesson #2  There is no traction on hardwood floors.  This new house has a lot of hard wood floors and it tricky to get going and even more dangerous trying to stop. When we play fetch in the house, my quick turns and abrupt stops have kept me sliding all over the place. I look pretty foolish when I slide and crash into tables, stools and all kinds of chair legs, not to mention the walls and doors. But it’s still fun and I haven’t broken anything…yet!

Lesson # 3  Even Dogs can have Manners.  I learned a new command – “Chair!”  When they say “Chair!” I have to go sit in the chair I claimed on my first day and wait patiently until they are done eating.  When they finish they call me over for dessert.  I always get a dog biscuit, but they call it a “cookie.” If I get down too quickly, they send me right back to my chair.  It’s not so bad, because, it’s a chair with a view to the backyard.

Lesson #4  There are all kinds of critter smells outside.  I haven’t identified them all yet, but for sure I’ve smelled, squirrels, deer, raccoons, chipmunks, mice and bunnies.  They are all over the place.  I think I’m part bloodhound, because sometimes, I just can’t get my nose off the ground while I follow the scent.  I’ve also learned that when we are on our walks, if I spot a critter, I can’t run off and pull the leash.  Carol doesn’t like to run or get pulled.

Lesson #5  Grandkids are good buddies.  There are no little kids living at this house, but we see “grandkids” a lot.  The boys like to play fetch and tug and I love that, but with Becca we play “tea party” and even though that’s pretty “girly” it’s not so bad, because there are real little cookies and crackers along with imaginary tea.  Whenever you are around grandkids they drop food, so it’s good to stick close behind them.  Probably the best thing about grandkids is they like to snuggle!

Lesson #6  You have more than one name.  I know my name is Jasper and my mom, Holly, often called me “buddy boo” but at my new house I have all kinds of names.  “Mr. John” loves nick names and if he calls me something often enough, then even Carol picks it up.  Sometimes I’m Goofy, Doofus, Sun Dog or Boney Butt, but if I’m into mischief, it might be “Son of a Gun” or some names I shouldn’t repeat.  But the funniest one is when “Mr. John” gets right in my face and uses a crazy cartoon voice to say, “You’re just a Big Sweetie!”  “Mr. John” has nicknames for Carol, too. So, I guess it doesn’t really matter what they call me, as long as they love me.

Lesson #7  Pack Structure  Every Pack has to have a leader, we all know that.  Sometimes it’s just hard to figure out who the leader is.  Well, I know for sure, that “Mr. John” sets the rules and boundaries and he is always consistent enforcing them, so it seems like he must be the pack leader.  But Carol takes me on most of my walks.  I think since she’s a “grandma” that she just isn’t so good at following all the rules and she is much better at loving and spoiling me, like she spoils the grandkids.  So where does that leave me?  Not sure exactly, but I have figured out, if I’m happy, then Carol is happy, and if Carol is happy, then “Mr. John” is happy, so I think it’s all gonna work out just fine.

I’m not the only one around here who has learned some new things.  Maybe I’ll tell you about some of the things Carol and “Mr. John” have learned from me.  But I’ll save that for another blog.

Until next time, Happy Adventures to all of you!

 – Jasper, is currently fostered in Indiana