Well, the kennel debate has now been decided; by Chyna herself.

I’ve been wanting a new dining room set, but the one I wanted was sold out in all the local stores. The nearest store with some in stock was about 45 minutes away, so early one Saturday morning, we set out with our truck and trailer. I figured we were looking at only a couple hours being gone, so decided we’d just leave Chyna in the outdoor dog run we have on the side of our house. We’d been gone about an hour when I got a call from my Mom. My elderly neighbor across the street had just called her and told her Chyna was running around in my front yard. Now, I’ve heard a lot of people complain about nosy neighbors, but most of the time I’m glad mine pay attention. After about 10-15 minutes of freedom, Chyna had ended up across the street and three houses down. These neighbors had seen Chyna around and knew she was ours (even if, temporarily) so had gotten a leash out and hooked her up until help could arrive and she could be kenneled. It only took 3 phones calls before I could find a neighbor with my garage code, to let her in.

Chyna in her new kennel

On our drive home my husband and I had speculated about how shs had escaped in the first place. My husband thought maybe she had dug and squeezed under the fence. I’ve seen her jump, and wondered if maybe she had climbed up and over the fence. Well it didn’t take long after we got home to realize we were both wrong. She didn’t go over, or under, she went through! Yep, she chewed right through two fence boards and pushed the nails out of a third. She’s a regular Houdini, and ya know what? My husband doesn’t appreciate it one bit! LOL

As crazy as she is, she is also such a cream puff. All she wants is to be with you. We always make her ‘go lay down’ while we are eating and you’d think we just killed her last master. She’s got those big brown eyes that look up at you, so forlorn and sad; pathetic really. Fortunately for her, I’ve always been a sucker for a sad face.  A few sing-song words, a scratch and a pat, and she is once again grinning from ear to ear. I love that smile!

– Written by Ann, foster mom in Washington state.