Hello! My name is Jasper and this is the first part of my story as a foster dog with Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet.

JasperI’ve always lived with my Mom, Holly, since I was a little puppy.  You know those 101 Dalmatians?  I’m one of those. Well, I’m not a puppy, puppy anymore.  I am three years old, but still very energetic!  People say I’m a handsome boy and I think they must be right.  People comment all the time, that I am such a good looking dog.

I love, love, love to run. It was something I did everyday with mom because she liked to run, too.  I guess you could say mom is high energy just like me. Mom and I are a perfect fit for each other. She’s the best! Did I say we like to run?

My mom is in the military and I’m so proud of her. She left me with some of her family when she had to attend training in California.  There were lots of other dogs living there, but we weren’t always supervised and, well….. you know, dogs will be dogs. We got into some mischief.  You know how mom’s worry, right?  Well, my Mom thought it would be better for me to have more “structure” when she went on deployment, so that’s when she found Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pet.

Now I live with my foster mom, Carol, and “Mr. John.” I’m not exactly sure how mom found them, but I can tell you about our first meeting.   I had really missed my mom when she went to training, so I was very happy to see her again, just in time for Christmas.  But after just a couple of days having her back, she took me to the groomer, got me all cleaned up and then BAM she loaded up all my stuff in her car.  My bowls, my bed, my toys, my food, my leash, I mean EVERYTHING!! She loaded me next and then off we went.  We were riding in the car for a couple hours, so I settled in for a long nap. But I had no idea what was about to happen.

When Mom stopped the car, she let me out to “do my business.” And then this lady and man came up and started talking to Mom.  They said “Hi” to me and wanted to pet me, too.  Then we all went together for a walk in this great big, very deserted park. Mom was telling these folks all about me and what I liked and what I ate, and what kind of tricks I could do. It was nice to be the center of the conversation. The walk and the park was nice and all, but I could tell something was up with Mom.  She seemed sad.  Carol tried to get me to play and run with her, but I just wanted to stick close to mom.  Finally mom took a couple pictures of me with her phone then gave me a big long hug and told me to be a good boy. She gave me a biscuit to chew on and left me with Carol and Mr. John. I was confused. I wanted to go with Mom. It looked like she was crying.

There was more riding in a van that day, but finally we got to where we were going. I was a little scared. I’m a pretty friendly guy, so I was trying to make the most of all the attention from these new folks.  When we got out of the van Carol took me on another long walk.  We didn’t run, but we must have walked a couple miles or more before we went inside the house.

The first think I smelled in the house was CATS I wanted to find them, but I didn’t see them anywhere.  That first evening Carol tried to play with me, but I missed mom.  I ate a little food from my bowl but I wasn’t really that hungry.  I was pretty tired; it had been a long day.  Carol took me to “my room” and sat looking at a computer screen and petting me until I got sleepy.  My bed was there on the floor, but honestly, I usually sleep in bed with my mom.  I jumped up on the little couch in that room and got comfortable.  Carol said it was OK, if that’s where I wanted to sleep.  I closed my eyes, went to sleep and in no time, I was dreaming of running with Mom. Carol even saw my legs twitching.

That is how I got here.  When I look back, that was a hard day. But now I really like Carol and “Mr. John” and I’m glad mom found them.  Every day Carol tells me how much my mom loves me and that she will come back for me as soon as she can.  She takes me on walks or hikes, instead of runs, but she gives me lots of kisses, just like mom. We have already gone on some fun adventures.  I know I’ll have lots of stories to tell, so stay tuned.

 – Jasper, is currently fostered in Indiana