So after our men and women return from deployment, we just hand over their animals and walk away, right?!? WRONG!

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet’s services do not stop when our soldier’s return. Part of our Foster Home Program is providing Wounded Warrior Assistance for soldiers who find themselves in a medical and/or homelessness situations. Guardian Angel for Soldier’s Pet does this by working with military medical facility and various VA medical and homelessness transition program representatives (mentor, counselor, case worker, etc.) throughout the country. The Foster Term averages between 3 to 12 months in most cases.

Now more than ever, with approximately 33,000 troops leaving Afghanistan by the end of 2012, this aspect of our Foster Home program will be extremely important to be able to provide a place for soldier’s pets to be safe while their owners are getting the help they need to be back on American soil.

In the last year, we have provided temporary foster homes for the following situations:

  • Soldier in a medical facility because of PTSD related issues
  • Soldier in a medical facility because of war related injuries
  • Soldier in a rehabilitation facility because of substance abuse
  • Soldier going through homelessness transition program

We feel that providing these services to our Wounded Warriors provides a way for us to thank them for their service to our country.

– Written by Jessica Semon, National Marketing and Communications Director