Deycon Getting into Trouble

Deycon has been living with and more or less putting up with me for over a year now. Without a doubt he is the biggest puppy I have ever met. It has been my privilege and honor to be allowed to care for him all this time and I really love the giant. But, the day I’ve been dreading and at the same time hoping for has finally come. Deycon’s mom messaged me on FaceBook that his Dad is ready for the big guy to come home.

It’s been a cyclone of emotions. With each passing moment comes a memory.

First there’s the original posting from Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet in New York asking for a foster family for my buddy. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to help, I was beside myself.

I’ve been looking at the pictures of Deycon and Bear (1) when he first got here, him as DJ’s pillow and with his paw on my Little Man’s shoulder comforting him. I remember the games he and my other foster, Gia, played in and around my room and I still laugh at the look of surprise on his face when the plastic ball-type stuffing flew all over the room when he gave the toy a huge shake of his head.

The holidays were so full with a big family around the table again. DJ came back to his big friend and they fell right back into the tight friendship they had always had. DJ even helped Deycon open the package that his Grandma had asked Santa to deliver to my house. I have to laugh out loud thinking of how he teased me with the squeaker! He has such a personality!!!

Who could forget the snow antics of this giant puppy? He was jumping and playing for hours, sliding on ice, rubbing a paw raw and mocking me because of that boot! You know? I can’t find it anymore.

He taught everyone his different barks and has kept good watch over us all. He has chased a squirrel, met cows, barked at horses, darted away at tadpoles and kept me so very entertained. He has known when there was something not quite right and made sure he either tossed my hand onto him to be paid attention to or dropped every toy available onto me to divert my attention. I mean really, who can be down in the dumps with that beautiful face staring at you?

Through him, I’ve learned to keep my coffee table and night stand clear. I have learned restraint by NOT chasing him with the dreaded broom or shooting a hundred Nerf bullets across the room. I’ve found out that my lap can hold almost 250 pounds of quivering dog and to NOT feed my dogs vege based food without several exhaust fans on at once. I discovered that the cotton fluff in blankets is just as interesting as the fluff in toys, balls and dog beds. I’ve found that when Deycon is around, DJ’s Nana comes in second.

This last year Deycon has been a babysitter, overseer and protector. The massive guardian has taken care of me, my family and my grandson. He watched out for my beloved Bear1, protected him and helped me mourn his unexpected loss. He has endured being dressed up, laughed at and loved. He has been a constant companion and friend.  He has hidden in a closet, barked at my dryer stunt and quietly watched as my own fire department helped me out of a tree. He has withstood being ambushed, ridden and cuddled. He even went Trick or Treating without the benefit of getting any candy. DJ reminded him that candy is for REAL kids and doggies have their own. He has been on car rides to nowhere, met Great Grandma, gone to dog parks, to work with me, to my friends’ homes and to street fairs. He welcomed Bear2 and our newest puppy, Momma. He saved my sanity and my grandson’s life.

My buddy has laughed at me when the raccoon was on my bed and was annoyed when I declined to let him meet the skunk. I’ve hugged him, tripped over him and worn him on a few occasions. He has become a part of my family.

He has learned that stink bugs don’t taste good, that peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth and that PetCo has a great security system.  He’s said goodbye to Teddy White, the famous caterpillar, countless balls, squeakers and a doll or two. We all learned that he’s allergic to bees and that Benadryl works on canines as well as people. He has met dozens of friends, the local State Police and the best Veterinary staff ever.

Deycon Last Christmas

This mountain of love has won the hearts of almost 1000 people on FaceBook who have been sending us congratulations and best wishes by the hundreds. He has touched the hearts of scores of neighbors, a few dozen friends and family members and just about everyone who sees him.  This time tomorrow, Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet will have another success story and we can all be proud that Deycon’s Mom and Dad are who they are and do what they do for us.

In less than a day, when I watch him pounce on his Dad, as I know he will, I will be so sorry and so happy at the same time. I know he’ll be back in a few months and (all 4 paws and ten fingers crossed) he’ll be bringing a sister. But still with a heavy heart, I can’t help thinking I’ll be watching a chapter of my life close. I love you, big buddy, see you at Christmas.

– Written by Eileen, Foster Mom in New York.