The blistering heat has been shattering records all across the country, which indicates that it’s time for a reminder of how to keep your pets safe when it’s sweltering outside.

Since dogs don’t sweat, they are at grave risk for overheating. Please use common sense with your dog as well as any other kind of pet in this immense heat. Exercise should be done only during the cooler hours of the day such as early morning or evening. But if where you live is hot 24 hours a day, forgo the daily walk for some hugs and loves inside where it’s cool and keep potty breaks as short as possible. Remember, dogs don’t wear shoes and the pavement can get extremely hot for them to walk on.
Jonnie enjoys his foster homes’ swimming pool.
Keep pets hydrated with plenty of available water. Once an animal is dehydrated, it’s very hard to hydrate them again. Putting ice cubes (small ones to avoid choking) in their water will ensure that they will receive a cool drink when they need. There’s nothing worse than drinking something warm when you’re hot.  But water is for hydration and keeping them inside where there’s a fan or A/C is the only way to cool their body temperature.
Take your pooch for a dip! Swimming is not only a great way to cool off your pet; it’s also wonderful exercise and good for their backs.  Since a walk in high temperatures is not the best idea, this kills two birds with one stone. If you don’t have easy access to water, a kiddy pool or good old fashion hose water works just as well and can be just as fun.

You can also put ice packs or frozen water bottles wrapped in towels for them to lay on to keep them cool.

Want extra tail wags and kisses? Make ice cubes out of chicken broth for a special treat.  You can also buy doggie ice-cream at most groceries stores these days.

Ranger enjoys the ocean to cool off.

Did you know dogs can get skin cancer? If you are the proud owner of a habitual

Sunbather (like me), make sure to rub them with sunscreen, especially on their tummies. And when you think they’ve had enough, make them come inside.  Dogs don’t know what’s best for them.

Your pet will thank you if: you shave their fur in the summer/hot weather. Who wants to wear a fur coat all year round? But make sure not to get too close to their skin as they do need protection from the sun. See above.

On a more serious note: PLEASE leave your pets at home rather than taking them to run errands and leaving them in a hot car – even with the windows cracked.  They would much prefer to be at home than left in a car unattended.
– Written by Kathy Brinck, CA Communications Coordinator