Our regular trips to the dog park continue and now include DJ. My grandson will run the dog agility course, all the time calling to Deycon and encouraging him to join in. Ever patient, Deycon walks beside DJ with his ears at attention, looking puzzled and just watches the little guy. DJ loves making Deycon run after him and it tires them both out.

Last week we had a fierce thunderstorm pass over us. We were in the yard when the sky darkened and the hail started to fall. Trying to get DJ up the stairs was comical. Deycon, of course, made the 9 steps in 2 leaps and stood watching us. The thunder started and shook the house. The wind was blowing so hard that there was debris flying all over. Once inside, Deycon kept trying to get into my lap. At 130 shaking pounds, it’s pretty difficult to do, but he kept trying. I happened to notice a branch come down on the top of the picnic table outside my bedroom doors. I opened the door, ran out, moved it and turned just in time to see Deycon lay up against the door, locking me on the deck. By the time I bolted to the other door I was soaked to the skin. Who knew such an adorable puppy could be such an imp!!

The nerf war had quieted down for a while, but now that college is out for the summer, the human boys have too much time on their hands. Without even wondering, they now go right to my room to check Deycon’s bed and then under the futon in the sitting room for the missing sponge projectiles. They have the baby in on it as well now. With his own nerf gun, usually with no ammunition, wearing his bike helmet, DJ hides under the futon to defend Deycon. Although the house is sometimes more active that a circus, it’s also just as fun.

DJ and I watched The Wizard of Oz and at the scary parts with the witch, he ran over to jump and hide behind Deycon. After it was over and Dorothy made it home safely, we were dancing around and playing. Out of the blue, one of my sons walked past and threw a cup of water in my face. I stood in shock and disbelief, as Deycon, ever helpful, started lapping at the water.

My pride and joy looked at his nephew and said, “Wow, DJ. She’s not melting. I guess that water thing only works in the Emerald City.” When I recovered, that son took off with DJ and Deycon chasing behind him, barely made it to the stairs before I reached him and got away. A raucous run jump and play game ensued. Deycon was batting the plastic cup around, DJ was chasing him, water all over the sitting room and I changed my clothes.

When DJ was younger we had a game where, when washing the dishes, I would shake my wet hands at him and sprinkle water on him. A few days ago, it warmed a Nana’s heart to see he was playing “our” game with Deycon. Each time DJ flapped his hands Deycon would jump and run away. After 3 or 4 rounds I noticed that Deycon actually had droplets of water on his coat. I was a little puzzled until I realized there is only one place low enough for DJ to get water from……. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. After popping DJ into the tub, and sanitizing the floor, I attempted to give Deycon his own wash down. I don’t really need to go into details, but ALL of us were wet and sudsy in a very short time. I keep the bathroom door locked now.

Deycon had a well puppy visit to the vet for the summer months. The staff at the office loves him and always remarks about how well behaved he is. I know his mom and dad spent a long time on that behavior and it shows. They love how he talks to them and needs to investigate every inch of the examining room. He adores the attention, but not that elevating table. He takes his treats and all their affection as though it’s due him. The staff is great and I made sure to thank them for their attention and compassion the last time I brought Bear in. The doctor has been treating my animals for about 20 years and doesn’t charge Deycon the examination fee because he’s a military dog. I was overwhelmed when I got a letter from The Cornell University Veterinarian School recently. Without my knowing it, the vet had made a donation to the college in Bear’s memory. They’ve also agreed to post information about Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet on their bulletin board and make sure their other military patients know about the program.

One of Deycon’s Facebook fur friends from Brazil hasn’t been feeling too well. Snoco’s foster mom, “she”, has asked all the fur friends to send her a card so she can make a book and send the get well wishes. I put together a picture of DJ using Deycon as a pillow similar to the one on the Guardian Angels’ website, and some get well wishes and emailed it to Snoco. I explained to DJ what I was doing and he insisted that he make his own card. He lay on the floor, called Deycon and explained what they had to do. We found out that Deycon can’t hold markers in his paws or his mouth and really has no interest in coloring a picture. We also found out that if you leave the glue you’re using to mount macaroni laying around, it can get stuck to his foot and he’ll run if you chase him to take it off.

With the hot weather now thrust upon us, I bought DJ a small plastic pool. It’s about 4 feet across and I put about 8 inches of water in it. He plays around in it for hours. Funny part is that so does Deycon. They will chase each other around the yard, through the pool, back across the yard over and over. In short order the pool needs to be refilled so they can start again. Although it’s one of the smallest that Toys R Us had, it’s just big enough for the big guy to lay down it. Another reason it needs to be refilled often. Water sprays for yards when the pup shakes and everyone gets a shower. It’s a circus, I tell you… a circus! Truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

– Written by Eileen, Foster Mom in New York.