Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet,

I am writing to thank you for your assistance in finding a home for Mulder and Tabitha during my recent deployment to Afghanistan. I know that the foster home has updated you and provided some info, but you haven’t heard from me and it’s important that I let you know how much your help was appreciated. The period immediately before the deployment was busy enough and the worry about where and how Mulder and Tabitha would be cared for was a great concern. Finding a home for them was an incredible relief and made it much easier for me to focus going forward.Mulder is back home with me and is happy and healthy as ever. I know that the foster home did a good job of caring for him and was sorry to see him go. Although it was very sad to lose Tabitha during the year, I think that there was nothing (short of my coming back home) that could have prevented it, and I think that it was just a tragedy for which no one is to blame.

– US Army Soldier
Fort Dix, NJ

Note: Tabitha died of kidney failure in 2010 (we believe partly because she was depressed and not eating properly).