The anticipation, the excitement, it’s almost too much to handle as you think about the arrival of your new foster pet.  And then it hits you, (cue dramatic music here), am I ready? Do I have everything I need? What should I prepare?

The answers are easy, and I will describe them below but the number one and most important part of welcoming a new foster pet into your home is L.O.V.E.  Out of love comes everything you need to ready yourself and your family for a new foster pet.  It’s out of love that we feed our animals, exercise our animals, and keep them safe and secure.

The other items, depends what your foster pet’s owner has provided for your guest, and all good guests would never come empty handed right? But just in case they do, here’s a good list to start with to make sure all is well in your foster home:

Food – try your best to feed your foster pet the same food they receive at home.  Many animals have sensitive tummies, and changing their food could lead to vomiting and other unplesant circumstances.
Warm/Cool and Safe place for your foster to hang out.  If you live in extreme heat, make sure they have a cool place to rest.  If you live in a really cold place, well, you guessed it, make sure they have a warm place to hang out!  And if you don’t have a fenced yard, be sure to keep the doors closed to avoid any escapes. Always have a collar on your foster even inside, nobody ever is anticipating an escape, that’s why when it happens, they should have identification on them.

Something Familiar From Home – maybe it’s their soldier’s old ratty t-shirt, or their favorite toy, but when a pet has something from home they tend to relax faster and have less anxiety. 

After that, the rest is easy – all our pets want is a hand to pet them, or five fingers to scratch their backs, and of course maybe a belly rub or two! 

– Written by Kathy Brinck,CA Communications Coordinator