Ever wonder what the pet is thinking when they are up-rooted from their home and placed in a foster home?   Not knowing what is happening or who this new family is?  One of our foster pet’s has provided his story and insight into what his feelings are about being in a foster home.
The story is told through Snoco’s eyes.

I just knew it!! Heck, yeah … I knew something was going on at home. You know … we can tell about things like that but I sure hadn’t counted on this. The boys disappeared first. Then Mom started packing my things too. I thought it was just going to be a short little road trip when we did leave San Antonio. I sure was wrong.

Pretty soon I found myself in a place that I’d never been, surrounded by 4 other dogs that I’d never met and being clucked over by a lady I’d never met. Maaan .. this was NOT going to be a short little road trip. Mom left and didn’t take me with her. No .. this wasn’t at all what I expected.

I’m a typical adolescent boy and so once I’d decided to make the best of everything, I started inviting everyone I could see to play with me. Come on .. just a game of tag .. or .. we could wrassle (btw, dogs don’t wrestle .. they wrassle!). Most of them wouldn’t .. maybe I skeered them or something.

 At any rate, next thing I know .. there’s two more humans and another dog that I don’t know coming into the house and talking to me and to my human friend, Linda. I just wasn’t keen on any of it .. don’t tell me changes are coming AGAIN!!! So .. I ran around behind the chair and table and I snarfed and barked and just one or two little growls escaped. Damn it .. I was scared AND confused! The new dog wasn’t interested in me .. she wanted to check out the house and look at the horses outside. Given a little time, I decided maybe I’d ask her to play. Uh .. not the best idea.

So .. time passes and .. once again I’m scooped up and my box of “stuff” is loaded into a truck. I’m in a crate but I can see out. It’s another one of those scary road trips, I suspect! I was right .. we eventually end up in ANOTHER house.

I eventually had some dinner, went out in the backyard and ran around a little bit. She was clapping her hands and chasing me or letting me chase her. Now THAT was funny so how could I resist .. I couldn’t!!! I tried getting the other dog to play with me but she wasn’t exactly thrilled with my being there. (Truthfully, neither was I but ..)

It got dark and I guess time for bed. She had my bed all ready for me and then laid down on the floor next to me for a while. She explained that Mom was going to be going away for awhile and that I was going to stay with her until she came back. She said she’d take the best care of me that she could and she promised to be very, very patient with me as I adjusted. I hadn’t had enough time yet to “get” what she was saying (it takes us a while to figure out human accents) but she slipped me a cookie and gave me a combo belly rub/head scratch before shutting the door of my crate and turning out the lights.

Wow .. I was right .. it wasn’t just another ordinary day and, frankly, I’m pretty worried. No boys, no Mom, no Linda-Friend, just a new house with new noises and smells. HEY .. WHAT WAS THAT? Oh, it’s just her calling out to me that it would get better tomorrow! I’m sleepy so I curl up in the corner of my crate. I give a couple barks to see if anyone I know would come get me. They didn’t!

Oh dear .. what now?

– Snoco is currently fostered in Texas.
He was fostered at the MVP Sanctuary temporary until a permanent foster home was found.